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Mr. David Sassoli – an example of vulgar speculation on the murder of Jo Cox and the Brexit (by Marco Mori)

Italy, land of jackals

We have seen these days how a cruel and repellent crime, committed by a mentally ill man, has been immediately used for political purposes. We have seen the markets celebrating this death because they believe it will help the Stay campaign.

Among the most disgusting tweets that I have seen there are those of the vice president of the European Parliament Mr. David Sassoli, anchor man in the Italian State Television and today one of the fiercest advocates of the European dictatorship.

Mr. Sassoli didn’t do anything better than writing that League North politicians and anti-EU individuals should apologize because the murder of the poor Jo Cox is a Nazi. The tweet was addressed to Mr Claudio Borghi, Economic Affair expert of the League North, hence accusing him directly to be a Nazi.

Here is it:


Moreover, the journalist said that the killer had financed neo-Nazi groups in the USA, and therefore he considered to be in his right asking to the “quaquaraqua’s” (Italian insult meaning “unreliable, dumb blabber”) who criticize the EU, to keep this in mind. Here is his second, disgusting tweet:



Yes, you understood correctly, the RAI TV anchor man and vice president of the European Parliament exploits cynically the fresh blood of a young mother to label as Nazis Mr Borghi and all the people who criticizes this European Union. In practice he has got enough foolish arrogance to charge all of us for the murder of Jo Cox.

It would be too easy to remind to this dismal example of the most boorish euro propaganda that it has not been the justified criticism of law and economy experts, whose competence is immensely superior to his own, to arm the hand of a psycho.

Mr. David Sassoli obviously is that kind of a man who classifies deaths as first rank or second rank. He ignores the thousands of suicides caused by deliberated austerity policies, he ignores the massacre that the EU perpetrated on the Greek people and the misery that they are imposing in general to the Old Continent citizens.

I don’t make distinctions among deaths, I feel an immense pain for Jo Cox and her family, but I cannot but feel the same pain for every murder committed by the criminal will of the European bureaucrats. Because when one imposes a primary surplus even during deflation, he does not do it by mistake, he does it with the precise purpose to obtain political results from the misery inflicted to the people!

Today, 70 years after the end of Nazism, the thing most similar to its heinous totalitarian germ is exactly the European Union, which is replicating their propaganda techniques. Mr Sassoli from his overpaid job in the European Parliament cannot ignore the democracy deficit of that very place, he cannot ignore the utter uselessness of a Parliament deprived of the legislative initiative, acting as a mere late notary of the choices of unelected Commissioners, who are by law independent from any democratic entity. The lawmakers in Europe are not accountable to the people. Therefore, dear (so to speak) Mr. Sassoli, this and only this is Nazism.

The main quality of every dictatorship is indeed to increase the distance between who makes the laws and the sovereign decisions of the people. How can we ignore then, if we have a minimal knowledge of Constitutions and history, that the Nazism was in reality the mere (and wrong) answer to the neoliberal politics which diffused misery in the Old Continent way before the EU restoration?

Mr. Sassoli, this concept is not the product of foolish euro sceptical visionaries, it has been written by our Constituent Fathers in the minutes that today are the testimony of the Italian Constitution genesis, a testimony that you have certainly never read. Despite this, you dare to pontificate about subjects that you don’t know at all.

Who is today who pushes the neoliberal model, imposes the mantra of markets’ freedom without limitations and above everything else including morality? Well, it is precisely the EU, which have even put the price stability before welfare and peace (see art. 127 TFEU). This is not Nazism Mr. Sassoli, it is written in the Treaties!

Our Italian Constitution instead was written purposefully to prevent the resurgence of new totalitarian regimes and create true welfare and democracy. It choose and ruled that the private initiative would always be subordinated to the public interest, so that the human egoism, surely one of the growth drivers (but luckily not the only one!) would be contained and would not destroy everything.

And eventually Mr Sassoli I ask you: isn’t it genuine Nazism to state that the big crises are the means to oblige us to surrender sovereignty? This is what was declared by your friend Mr. Mario Monti, the gentleman who questions often about the compatibility of democracy and the European integration, the one who defined Greece as the “biggest success of the euro” and who said, commenting the surge of suicides in Italy, that after all we have been lucky because in Greece they had more deaths …

So, how dare you to call us Nazis? Maybe it’s just your monumental ignorance?

I can only suggest you to study, because what armed today the hand of that lunatic is precisely the incompetence of which you are one of the greatest representatives.

And referring only to incompetence I make you a favour, because if it wouldn’t be the case you would be just one of the many conspiring in bad faith to submit the European people to the financial oligarchies.

Let’s hope in the Brexit, the first hammer strike to this obscene EU dictatorship, but I am afraid that the blood of the poor Jo Cox will be the start for more bloodshed thanks to your sordid propaganda.

And Jo Cox did not deserve the double fate of being killed like this and being exploited too in order that more people could die by the hands of the new Nazism, the one that instead of the swastika has the blue flag with the stars …

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